Jun 24, 2013

Batch in the age of Java, SOA and Event Driven Business


My customer presented me with a major enterprise architecture task.  “We’re building new systems in a new environment, it’s time to modernize our batch processing.  Please recommend a toolset and processing model to move our legacy batches to our new environment.”  I didn’t realize it at the time, but this was a trick question.

I spent an extensive amount of time investigating modern batch tools as well as Java development and batch.  What I found was a very limited set of such tools, but more important as I consulted various architects I know around the world, the question of “why are you trying to modernize batch?” kept arising.

The question is less straightforward than it sounds.  SOA, a component orientation, real time business and event driven business make batch exceptionally challenging, but more importantly much less relevant.

Attached is the result of my research, a whitepaper on a modern approach to batch in light of Service Oriented Architecture, Real Time processing, and a more Event Driven business approach.

Modern Batch Directions - Moving from Legacy Batch to Service Oriented - Component Modeled - Event Driven Batch...