Nov 17, 2011

CloudCon – Funny Vendor Quotes

I’m sitting at CloudCon III – SaaSCon 2011.  It’s “a Cloud Conference with a focus on Software as a Service.”  Sadly the presentations are of limited value, with the same confusion I noted in my “Impressions” article (i.e. every IT business marketing department is trying to take advantage of it and rebrand their abilities “Cloud”).

While not of particular technical knowledge value, they to tend to result in humorous statements by the presenters…


“80% of Fortune 100 companies are using IBM cloud capabilities.”  Wow, you’ve got 80 customers?  Really?  (Those Fortune 100 companies, that spent from $200 million to $1 billion per year on IT costs, are generally using some of every capability of every major IT vendor.)


“4 million businesses have gone Google.”  As of 2007, the US Census Bureau reported there are 29,413,039 businesses in the U.S.  Assuming Google’s talking just about the U.S. (and I don’t think they were), that’s a 13% market penetration!  Wow!  (Not!)  If were were to take 2011 numbers and go worldwide, it might be 3% penetration.  Double wow!  (Double not!)

“We expected cloud email to be a growth industry and a challenge to Microsoft in the Enterprise.”  Chuckle.  This is your Cloud goal?  Email?

"Chromebooks – nothing but a browser, configured via the cloud, automatic upgrades, subscription model. Strong processor, wifi, 3G, battery lasts a full day. No hard drive.  Easy to replace a traditional laptop.  Happy IT managers and end users.”  Oh, and costs $499 in the US for a 12.1 inch netbook, $200 more than a Windows netbook with 1/2 the ability.  #Fail

“What the cloud offers: Enhanced Security”.  You’ve didn’t actually say this?  You couldn’t have actually said this!  Savings, definitely.  Ease of access to abilities, yes.  Flexibility, definitely.  Enhanced security, no way in h#ll.  If you’re going cloud you BETTER be spending A LOT more time layering on the security!


“Software as a Service, Cloud, Managed Services, Hosted Services, Outsourcing – we just change the name now and then to keep it fresh.”  Well that was refreshingly honest.

“Strength in depth.  A cloud based solution, a gateway based solution, a desktop based solution, all from different vendors.  It’s expensive, but when places are serious about security this is what they do.”  Is someone really talking straight?  So unusual not sure if I can handle it.